What to look for while buying an office

What to look for while buying an office - non institutional small builder floor

Rule number one when buying a building for professional use: don’t act as if you’re buying your dream home. When you buy a house, you put your heart and soul into it. Something as minor as an ugly door handle might make or break a sale. When you purchase a office for your business, however, it requires less emotion and more common sense.

Purchasing an office doesn’t work for every type of business. If you are in a stable industry and have an established business buying a property makes a lot of sense.

But if you are a startup we strongly recommend renting instead of buying.

When buying a commercial space you get multiple offers on different properties. Think logically not emotionally and invest in the property which will greatly enhance your business profits.

Whether you are a startup, MNC or an investor looking for a good investment opportunity please understand the pros and cons of investing on buying a office as mentioned below –

Obtain Expert Advice and Assistance

When the object is to purchase, there are many different persons involved in these dealings. It is important to have open communication with these individuals, but experts in the field may provide the best advice and assistance. It is always a good idea to have an experienced consultants, like Onix Advisors, beside you. Not only can realtors help you find good properties, they can even negotiate on your behalf and shoulder your burden and make things extremely convenient for you... A broker could also help with the purchase and details of the space.


Location is everything. The vibe/ ambiance of the space should be such it attracts the attention of present and future employees with all facilities and amenities. And the space should also be easy accessible via all modes of transport in the city.

Property specification

First and foremost, it is important to list out one’s requirement expected when choosing a commercial property. The property specification list includes the factors of structure, location, size, layout, facilities and parking that are to be considered. A safe and suitable working environment should be provided. Premises should be accessible when goods or services are being delivered. Disabled access should be provided. Facilities like drinking water, toilets, wash area, waste disposal, good ventilation, suitable lighting, and a clean workplace are mandatory.

Taking long term business plans into account, the space should have the flexibility to be altered or expanded. Identifying the area’s broadband capabilities is yet another task. With most of the work and communication being dependent on the internet, this is a necessity.


Two options may be in the same location, but the one boasting better quality will be the one to go to.

Interior fit outs 

If it is an already furnished office building, you should also check the quality of the interiors and analyze the durability. 


There are numerous legal considerations to be taken into account including planning permission, health, fire and safety regulations, insurances and licenses to operate. Before purchasing the space ensure the authenticity of the owner. It is best to hire legal representation for the duration of the event so that the buyer is not entangled in a purchase agreement that he or she does not want. This also means any documentation that needs to be signed should go through this legal professional. Deeds and other legal documents should be reviewed and a copy kept with the lawyer for any possible future problems.


Liquidating is also tough. Real estate is a very illiquid asset. So, it is not at all advisable to do any sort of investment with a short-term horizon. If you are the sole owner of the property, then ideally hold on to it for the long term.

Safety measures

 Ensure all the safety measures are met. You can also call in professionals to check plumbing, electricity, and other fixtures of the premises before buying it. 

 Hope so the above points will help you in deciding in investing on an office building.


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